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Because we go so far above and beyond what most people have experienced in an educational setting, let alone an online course, we get lots of wonderful testimonials.

Here are some from our picture book writing course followed by testimonials from our illustrating and middle grade novel writing students. And because I'm an Aussie, I shortened the very long word "Testimonials" to "Testies", which is shorter and cuter (we hope)!

Testimonials for the Craft and Business of Writing Children's Picture Books

Children's Book Academy Graduate Testimonials

This testimonial is from many years ago...since then, Yuyi Morales has become a multi-award-winning, multi-published author and illustrator.

Cihldren's Book Aademy Graduate Testimonials

From now multi-published author Marcie Colleen

Testimonials for the Craft and Business of Illustrating Children's Books

Children's Book Academy Graduate Testimonial

Chantelle and Burgen Thorne, already multi-published in ed., but now in trade see The Real Farmer in the Dell, available now!

From Sarah Momo Romero whose debut picture book, Wake Up, Little Bat, is available now!

From John Seckman, whose debut picture book, Jurassic Rat, is now available!

From Jorge Lacera, whose debut picture book, Zombies Don't Eat Vegies, is available now!

From now multi-published Sandie Sonke, see Scarlet's Magic Paintbrush

From multi-published Sandy Steen Bartholomew, see Ready, Set, GOrilla!

Testimonials for Middle Grade Mastery

From Andrew Sass, whose debut novel - Water for Anna on the Edge will be out in 2020!

From Donna Barba Higuera, whose debut novel Lupé Wong Won't Dance will be out in 2020!

From Aida Salazar whose debut novel, The Moon Within, is available right now!

From Multi-Published MG Author, Hillary Homzie
for the Chapter Book Alchemist