The Children’s Book Academy began in 2010 as a single course, The Hero's Art journey and then it grew into the Picture Book Academy and then it grew into The Children's Book Academy. Tada! It was founded by Dr. Mira Reisberg, who co-teaches courses with editors, art directors and award-winning authors and illustrators. Mira is also an acquiring editor and art director at Clearfork Publishing’s children’s imprint Spork Kid's Books. She especially loves acquiring her student’s work to help bring more exquisite, fun, or meaningful books into the world. Mira has worked in the industry in just about every capacity including working as a children’s literature and art education university professor; a literary agent; and an award-winning illustrator and author.

Mira has given many presentations at diverse conferences including AERA, NAEA, and SCBWI and created many professional development workshops with schools throughout the US. Children’s Book Academy courses are all taught with the sound pedagogical practices that Mira has learned and has developed since she began teaching in 1988. These unique methods combine pleasure, community, a wide range of approaches to teaching and learning, lots of resources and scaffolded step-by-step lessons that build on each other.


Mira and The Children's Book Academy have been mentoring and giving scholarships to diverse authors and illustrators for as long we've been working in the field (over 30 years). We give scholarships to people who identify as being of color, LGBTQ, having a disability, or being low-income and have given around $70,000 worth over the years.

Because we invest a lot of time, money and heart in our scholarship recipients, many of whom have become very successful, we only give scholarships to the following courses and require students to really show up and participate to help us help them be successful.

The Craft and Business of Writing Children's Picture Books Yuyi Morales Picture Book Writing Scholarship Information Here.

The Craft and Business of Illustrating Children's BooksScholarship information here.

Middle Grade Mastery Scholarship information here.

In addition to having a pretty phenomenal faculty, we also have a fantastic team of former students, who are now published or contracted, behind the scenes helping to ensure that the courses are extra awesome and that our students have a fantastic learning experience.

The Children's Book Academy Team

Besides wearing too many hats, Mira also works behind the scenes often calling students to make sure that they are well taken care of. Mira has published eight books and has a new one coming out this year.

Melissa Stoller is a former student who now has 4 published books with more in the hopper. These include the chapter book series: The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection - Book One: Return to Coney Island and Book Two: The Liberty Bell Train Ride; and the picture books: Scarlet's Magic Paintbrush and Ready, Set, GOrilla!

Sandra Sutter has her first reality questioning picture book coming out very soon, The Real Farmer In the Dell followed by Stan's Frightfully Clumsy Halloween in 2019.

And Tina Shepardson has her first picture book also coming out in 2019, Walkout! We are proud to say that this book is bound to be both an important and controversial book.


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