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We’ve been doing a series of email newsletters about 5 Caldecott winners and honorees, who have generously contributed to our course starting with this one, which is a bit of an overview of what the Caldecotts are and some insider information on the great Lane Smith, super-gifted creative and mentsch extraordinaire. So I decided to repost this one here as I have to do critiques of books that I’m art-directing from two of last year’s students tonite as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Everyone starts somewhere in their children’s book illustrating or writing journey including Caldecott and Newberry award winners.

Named after a mostly-forgotten nineteenth-century English illustrator and first awarded in 1937, the Randolph Caldecott Medal annually recognizes the "most distinguished” illustration in American children’s picture books. (The equally prestigious Newberry is awarded for the best writing in American children's books.) Each year, there is one winner chosen, while a handful of runner-up illustrators also receive Caldecott Honors. In short, it’s the winning, or honor, medal everyone wants on their illustrated book. In the course we gathered FIVE amazing Caldecott winning illustrators who generously shared their secrets behind being award-winning illustrators to help both writers and illustrators learn about this wonderful craft. Tomorrow or Tuesday Dec. 2nd, our final one in the newsletter series (about Antoinette Portis ) will be going out early in the morning.

But meanwhile, let's start with the first one that we sent out.

Meet Lane Smith! A Caldecott Illustrator with a huge heart and oodles of experience to share. Lane shares some great illustration secrets and suggestions for those who love to experiment.

Lane is famous for his experimentation with techniques, with an emphasis on simple compositions employing loads of texture. Although most known for the groundbreaking, The True Story of The Three Little Pigs, all of his work is spectacular. Always inspired by animals and nature, Lane’s illustrations have won many awards: the contemplative Grandpa Green received a Caldecott Honor in 2012, as did the outlandish Stinky Cheese Man in 1992.

We are incredibly lucky to have Lane contribute to the course in an in depth interview where he shares his highly iterative process for creating award-winning illustrating. Lane begins by doodling on his manuscripts before he turns to creating preliminary sketches. After rough sketches, a book “dummy” (or mini black and white sketch mock-up of the book) follows to insure proper rhythm and pacing. Final tighter sketches address issues of style, texture, etc. After the “dummy” is approved, Lane produces even more preparatory sketches before he launches into the final illustrations.

Adept at many genres, Lane has also enjoyed success as a writer of Middle Grade novels, a genre he relishes because of the freedom it allows him beyond the confines of a 32-page picture book (FYI we cover how to illustrate Board Books, Chapter Books and Middle Grade novels in the course as well). These books are aimed at older readers. Lane frequently riffs on anecdotes and guest encounters from time spent employed as a sweeper at Disneyland in his interview as well as all sorts of other juicy things. One can only imagine!

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