In honor of holiday season, here is a repost by Sarah Momo Romero about a delightful and hungry-making book. Bon Apetit!

A Feast for the Eyes (and the tummy!)

Every year, I find that the holiday season seems to creep up on me faster each year. I want to slow down and savor the moments, and the amazing food! I am now home after a week long Northern California road trip up to Santa Cruz, a trip we make every year to feast and celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. With the delicious meal fresh in my memory, I couldn’t help but pick up Mr. Crum’s Potato Predicament for this month’s blog post.

Mr. Crum’s Potato Predicament is a fun fictional picture book, written by Anne Renaud and illustrated by Felicita Sala, based on the real cook, George Crum, who is believed to have made the first potato chip for a very finicky customer.

Renaud’s expressive text, the cracking and snapping of the crispy potato chip will create a craving for the tasty snack. Sala’s detailed illustrations of Mr. Crum’s kitchen and her delightful characters captured in the energy of the restaurant really stir up an appetite!